Wine from the Orchard




For your special occasions, treat your guests to a delicious glass of apple wine made right here at The Country Mill. Started with fresh apple cider,
these apple wines are a perfect way to celebrate your special day.

Blueberry Mighty Mac is a sweet apple wine with blueberry that makes it smooth and easy to drink. 8% Alc. $9.99/bottle

Cherry Mighty Mac is a sweet apple wine with a taste of tart cherries. 8% Alc. $8.99/bottle.

Mighty Mac Apple Wine is a dry apple wine. 12.5% Alc. $9.99/bottle Mighty Mac is like champagne with maple syrup. 8% Alc. $8.99/bottle Mighty Mac Hard Cider sweet fermented apple cider. 6.5% Alc. $7.99/bottle

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Three of our wines recently won Bronze Awards at the 2011 Great Lakes International Cider & Perry Competition

Over 40 local retailers in mid-Michigan are now carrying our Cherry & Blueberry Mighty Mac wines.  Click here to find a store near you.


We offer wine tasting at our farm market for adults to make sure they select the right wine to suite their palate. Wine tasting is from noon-5pm, Tuesday through Sunday in September and October or by group reservation. For just $2 sample three of our wines listed below and receive a complimentary souvenir wine glass.



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