Wine from the Orchard




For your special occasions, treat your guests to a delicious glass of apple wine made right here at The Country Mill. Started with fresh apple cider,
these apple wines are a perfect way to celebrate your special day.

Blueberry Mighty Mac is a sweet apple wine with blueberry that makes it smooth and easy to drink. 8% Alc. $9.99/bottle

Cherry Mighty Mac is a sweet apple wine with a taste of tart cherries. 8% Alc. $8.99/bottle.

Mighty Mac Apple Wine is a dry apple wine. 12.5% Alc. $9.99/bottle Mighty Mac is like champagne with maple syrup. 8% Alc. $8.99/bottle Mighty Mac Hard Cider sweet fermented apple cider. 6.5% Alc. $7.99/bottle

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Three of our wines recently won Bronze Awards at the 2011 Great Lakes International Cider & Perry Competition

Over 40 local retailers in mid-Michigan are now carrying our Cherry & Blueberry Mighty Mac wines.  Click here to find a store near you.


stennes77 winerypics114 6We offer wine tasting at our farm market for adults to make sure they select the right wine to suite their palate. Wine tasting is from noon-5pm, Tuesday through Sunday in September and October or by group reservation.” Also add “”For just $2 sample three of our wines listed below and receive a complimentary souvenir wine glass.