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Tours and Parties

The Country Mill

The Country Mill orchard and cider mill invites all groups for Lansing and Mid-Michigan for a day on the farm. The Country Mill is the perfect place for everything from weekday school field trips and senior bus tours to birthday parties and company picnics. Our orchard is also an excellent setting for your wedding or reception.

Orchard Field Trip

We offer three types of tours for Pre-K to 2nd grade, 3rd through 5thkidseatingapples
grade and adult tours. Tours are adapted for the age group. Each tour is an educational, fun, and affordable outing for all ages. You may take a fall tour with your group on weekdays from 1 September to 15 November. Tour cost is $6 per person. Please call early to reserve your tour date since we do fill up quickly. Click here for more info.


Every student paid person on the tour receives:

  • 15 minute, age appropriate lesson on bees, pollination, and the growing of apples and how it affects you and the environment.
  • Tour through market, apple cold storage (35 F), & cider pressing room
  • Covered hayride to the orchard and pumpkin patch
  • Pumpkin (volley ball size)from the patch
  • An apple from the orchard
  • Fresh glass of cider and donut
  • Visit to the petting zoo
  • Lots of great memories!

In addition to the above tour, a Pre-K to 2nd or 3rd through 5th grade tour will receive:

  • Pre &post tour activity and lesson plan ideas
  • A detailed description of each activity on the tour and what Michigan Science Benchmark it achieves. You can illustrate to your school's administration how hands-on learning can be fun and meaningful.

Motor Coaches

Looking for Lunch?

applecoupleTry your choice of our grilled country sandwiches served hot with your choice of beverage and an apple dumpling or slice of pie for dessert.

Just a Snack

We have lots of places to pause and take a break. Sit back and enjoy the pure farm air and have a glass of fresh Michigan apple cider. Our bakery makes everything from homemade donuts to fresh apple pie.

After eating you may want to tour through our spacious farm market ciderkids& gift shop, bakery, or have a special viewing of our Lionel Train Layout and Antique Doll House. We will custom plan your visit if you want a hayride, apple picking, ... or more. Call today to schedule your visit to our family farm.

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