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Harvest Schedule

We are blessed to have a good apple crop for 2015. Certain apple varieties will be picked quickly due to their popularity, but we will have apples to pick this fall. Bookmark this page or visit us on FaceBook or sign up for our email newsletter for weekly in season updates.

Now it's easier than ever to find the right time to pick your favorite, fresh apples. Our Harvest Schedule is ONLY AN ESTIMATE of when apples, sweet corn, pumpkins, and squash are available to be harvested. Keep in mind that weather plays a major role as well.  Picking is easy and fun! Please sign up for our email newsletter, The Cider Press to get a weekly email of what is ready.



Although we love pets, the USDA rules do not permit us to allow pets into the farm or market.  ADA approved service animals are always welcomed.  Thank You.

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Harvest Schedule