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DocCherry® brand tart cherry juice concentrate.



QuartJugDocCherry® is an all natural, highly concentrated tart red cherry juice concentrate. has been selling tart cherry juice concentrate since the early 1980's.  

DocCherry® is an all-natural, highly concentrated tart cherry juice concentrate.  It is specially processed and stored in order to preserve the natural qualities found in tart cherries


The Country Mill has been selling the tart cherry juice concentrate (DocCherry®) for about 23 years and our customers tell us this has enabled them to navigate much easier with a lot less pain. Keep in mind that this is not a cure, but merely a product that can offer some pain relief without the usual side affects associated with many over the counter anti -inflammatory remedies. This product is a pure concentrate with nothing added.


Nutritional Information

Calories from fat 1
Total fat 0.1%
Sodium 115 mg
Potassium 745 mg
Total Carbohydrates 58.3%
Fiber 0.62%
Sugars 54.4%
Fructose 19.9%
Calcium 64 mg
Phosphorus 81 mg
Iron 1.98 mg
Glucose 34.5%
Calories 246
Protein 3.12%


We will ship DocCherry® anywhere in the 48 states.  Please call for special pricing on orders outside of the 48 states.  We take special care packaging items to be shipped using material that is specifically designed for temperature sensitive food products.  If the destination requires it we include refrigerant gel packs to maintain temperature integrity for the duration of the trip.  If you can, stop by and visit us in person.

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