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Pick your own blueberries were available on Tuesdays and Saturdays from 8am-2pm at 3534 West Kalamo Hwy, Charlotte. We are no longer taking orders for prepicked berries which were available for pick up at the Country Mill on Otto Road beginning August 1st. Tuesday through Saturday (9am-6pm) and Sunday (11am-6pm).  Prices were $2 per pound for Upick and are $3 per pound for prepicked.

UPick blueberries are now over for the season. We are still offering a limited amount of pre picked blueberries at the farm market as well as frozen blueberries. Call for availablity.





Blueberries Later this Year

U-Pick blueberries are available in July check back here then for more up-to-date information about picking times and prices.


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