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"The perfect Michigan Organic Apple

Michigan apples are known for their great taste that come from cool fall nights and rich soil.  Organic apples come from orchards that are grown without the use of synthetic chemicals.  Organic apple growers use a combination of natural practice that allow mother nature to help grow quality organic apples.

The Country Mill Orchard in Charlotte grows over 9,000 apple trees in our certified organic orchard.  We are proud to continually work on improving how we grow our apples.  We have a wide variety of apples in our orchard.   A Michigan Organic Apple from our orchard is known as DocApple.  You may pick your own DocApples or buy a bag in our farm market.  These apples make a delicious holiday gift! 

Certification includes the farm’s practices being inspected annually by an independent third party that is accredited by the United States Department of Agriculture in order to ensure the integrity of our organic apples.

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