FujiExcellent Eating, Dipping, Sauces. With a fantastic sweet and tart flavor, this Japanese apple will stay crisp for weeks.

Usage: Excellent for eating fresh & salads; Good for pies & sauce.

Selection & Storage: Good-quality Fuji apples will be firm with smooth and clean skin. The coloring is usually yellow-green with red highlights, but will sometimes have either a pinkish blush or be nearly all red. Test the firmness of the apple by holding it in the palm of your hand. (Do not push with your thumb). It should feel solid and heavy, not soft and light. To store, keep apples as cold as possible in the refrigerator. Apples do not freeze until the temperature drops to 28.5 F.

Avoid: Avoid product with soft or dark spots. Also if the apple skin wrinkles when you rub your thumb across it, the apple has probably been in cold storage too long or has not been kept cool.

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