Michigan Deer Apples

Whitetail Deer in Field

Direct from the Orchard!

Deer love apples.  Are you hunting in the upper peninsula of Michigan or a neighboring Midwest state?  Don't forget to pick up your deer apples before your trip.  Since the number of apple orchards are decreasing in Michigan. Apples are becoming harder to find and thus more attractive to Michigan Whitetail deer. The Country Mill is an apple orchard and cider mill that offers fresh apples for your next buck at an affordable price. Started early enough it will build grazing habits that will keep the deer coming back for more into the winter. 

Products Offered:

Deer eating grassMost Common & Easiest: 20 bushel crate of apples (840 lbs.) is dumped into the back of your pick up truck or trailer. This will create and feed a traffic flow of deer for seven to ten days. 
Price: $80 (less than 10 cents per pound)

Apple Pomace: 20 bushel crate of apple pomace (approximately 1500 lbs.) is dumped into the back of your pick up truck or trailer. This is chopped up apples after we squeeze the cider out. It is an excellent source of fiber that the deer will smell from a great distance. This is best used when mixed in with some apples. 
Price: $20 (2 cents per pound)

Smaller Quantity: You can also buy burlap bags of deer apples. 

Price: $5/bag or 5 bags for $20

Please Call Ahead for Availability

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