Apple Cider

cidergallonCome enjoy our fresh apple cider.  We hand pick all of our apples that we press into cider.  You can jug your own cider from our state of the art stainless tank where it is stored at 32° Fahrenheit. There are not preservatives added nor do we pasterize our cider so all of the beneficial nutrients aren't removed. Grandpa's rule when inspecting the apples being pressed is: "If you wouldn't eat it, don't let it be pressed"  We offer organic and non-organic cider that is unpasteurized and perfect for the home brewer.

We also make certified Organic Cider from our organic apples.  Look for the green caps of prejudged cider in the cooler.

Want to see how to press cider? Click here or here to see a short video of our cider press in action.

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