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Country Mill Apples

At The Country Mill we grow certified organic apples and apples that don't fully meet the stringent requirements to receive certification.



empireBaking, Salads, Dipping, Sauces, Eating. Remains crisp when cut up for salads or for a quick snack.  Sweet and tart that holds up well for months after picking.


Ida Red

Ida Red AppleExcellent Baking, Salads, Dipping, Sauces, Eating. One of the best all around apples.  With a sweetly tart taste, Ida Red will remain crisp and juicy for months after picking.  The texture holds up well when baking.



FujiExcellent Eating, Dipping, Sauces. With a fantastic sweet and tart flavor, this Japanese apple will stay crisp for weeks.



Excellent Eating, Baking, Salads, Dipping, Sauce – With sweet and tart in each bite, this large and aromatic will have you wanting more.


Excellent Eating, Salads, Sauces. Crisp snappy bite with a mellow sweetness.  Looks great and has a hint of pear taste.


Salads, Sauces, Eating, Baking – An ultra-juicy,  lightly tart apple that is a favorite among all ages.

Golden Delicious

Baking, Salads, Sauces, Eating – With a gingery-smooth, sweet taste, this popular yellow apple is also great in the kitchen for any purpose.

Northern Spy

Excellent Baking, Salads, Dipping, Sauces – This historic apple is the absolute best apple for baking.  Its beauty is beneath its skin.  It holds up extremely well when baking in pies and other dishes.  It will remain hard and tart longer than any other apple.

Granny Smith

Excellent Dipping, Baking, Eating – With a firm, crisp texture, this dark green apple is an excellent choice for caramel apples where its extreme tartness balances the sweetness of the caramel.

Paula Reds

Eating, Baking, Sauces. With tart flavor and good aroma, this Michigan native is great apple for late August and September.


Excellent Eating, Salads – Very unique color, excellent sweet flavor, and a great crisp bite.  Call us in early September to find out when Honeycrisp will be ripe.  They go fast.

Red Delicious

Salads, Eating - Discovered over 100 years ago in Iowa, Red Delicious has a full-flavored sweet taste with a crisp texture.

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